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Springlawn Farm (Albino Farm)
Whenever Halloween rolls around, this location always becomes a popular topic. Yes, this is Springfield's infamous urban legend, the Albino Farm. Don't get excited though, because any rumors you may have heard are most likely complete and utter nonsense. The farm was owned by real and hard-working people at one time, and yet somehow locals always associate it with man-eating albinos. There may have been an albino man working as a farmhand for the Sheedy family at one point, though this has never been proven. So no, the farm wasn't owned by an all albino family, nor was it used as some sort of haven for albinos.

The location is also said to be haunted in general, though like the Winoka Lodge, we didn't see, hear, or feel anything supernatural. What we did see though, were lots of neat ruins. This was actually also our very first mission as an official UE "group," so I was probably pretty easy to please, heh. Unfortunately, much of the land around the farm is being developed, so the remains of the historical Sheedy estate may disappear within a year's time.

Recommended by: Spectral (found information on the internet)
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: Thorns, bugs, poison ivy/oak
Status: Located on private property
Notable Features: Mansion foundation, giant silo, numerous smaller buildings
History: Was owned by Mike Sheedy and his family in the early 1900's. Fire eventually destroyed the large two story mansion and large barn, leaving few structures behind of the once sprawling farm.

Additional Sources:
Underground Ozarks
Greene County Library

The bottom of the stone bridge near the front of the property

The remains of a large wall

A weird hole near the wall

Abandoned sandals; was someone snatched by albinos?

All that stands of the Sheedy mansion

Graffiti on the side of the turret structure

A better view of the turret

The inside of a stone structure

Yet another stone structure with yours truly gawking

Inside the previous structure; No clue what this is

A hole in the ceiling of the same structure

One of the few non-stone buildings still intact

A close-up of the cylindrical part of the building

A view from the inside

The farm's only silo residing in the distance

A closer look

An evil silo?

Nothing but evil weeds and vines

Another standing building; a bit of a fixer-upper

Looking in from a window

Sunlight peeking in

Shinobi about to be mauled by a mob of rabid albinos. Albinos are attracted to obscenely loud shirts and Mountain Dew

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