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Craig Sinkhole/Well
This isn't exactly a big find, but I thought I'd add it anyway. After finding a map of some Springfield sinkholes, I went on a sort of "Sinkhole Crusade." Unfortunately, I didn't find a whole lot, other than this peculiar spot in east Springfield near Highway 60. Although the ground is sunken in, there isn't any gaping hole to cave or anything of that sort. However, there are a couple strange structures. Not only is there an odd concrete tube about 15 feet deep with a cage over it, but there's also what looks to be a well with a pump on it. The well is surrounded by a fairly tall fence, so someone apparently doesn't want anyone messing with it. I'm only assuming this is a well though, and I really have no idea what either of structures are really meant for. Still sorta intriguing, nonetheless.

After seeing this myself, I brought Sketch and Sewer Shinobi along with me to check this out. This was actually on our way to check out a "ghost town", Mumford, which was nothing more than a ritzy subdivision with giant houses and giant hills.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi, Sketch
Hazards: Sunken ground around the cage structure
Status: A fence around the well structure
Notable Features: A well with a pump and caged concrete pit
History: No info at the moment.

Yeah, you read the sign

Sewer Shinobi and Sketch near the sinkhole. Wonder what they're smiling about?

Indeed. I bet White Rabibt could fit through there though

A strange cage over the concrete pit

The strange device surrounded by a fence. Since I couldn't get any closer, it looks like a job for Sewer Shinobi!

A close-up of the well-thing courtesy of Shinobi; Camera strap included

The power box I'm assuming

A pipe going straight into the ground

This thing was sealed TIGHT. I imagine there's a 10000 year old monster of apocalyptic proportions sealed in there

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