Ruins (3)
- Springlawn Farm
- Winoka Lodge
- Young's Farm
Drains (3)
- Dueling
- Heartbeat
- Jordan Creek
Abandoned (2)
- Hydra Slide
- Spring Valley Farm
Caves (3)
- Doling Park
- Moss
- Sequiota Park
Other (2)
- Craig Sinkhole
- Galloway

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By no means are we experts at any of this stuff, although we do take precautions, and we know what the consequences are. Therefore, you should know too. Many of these places are located on private property, and unless you're a complete moron, you should know that trespassing is illegal, and you can be fined, or worse. Many of the locations on our website also hold many dangers, some obvious and hidden as well. If you go to these locations, you have acknowledged all of this, and are responsible for yourself. Remember, just because we do this stuff, doesn't mean you should.

If you do decide to start Urban Exploring yourself, however, I want you to remember these 3 rules:

DO NOT tag, or leave any kind of permanent marking. Most locations would be in much better shape today if some idiots hadn't spray-painted their stupid names and such all over everything. I really could care less if "Billy x Jessica," or if "Mary Jane is cool." If you're going to leave anything, leave a damn post-it note, sticker, or something else non-permanent.

DO NOT take souvenirs, or tear stuff up. Ever heard the saying "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps"?. Even though the saying originated with cavers, I believe it holds very true to Urban Exploring. Plus if you're caught for trespassing AND vandalism/theft, you have a pretty good chance of riding in the nice poh-lice car. Serves you right.

DO NOT leave trash. There's no need to crap stuff up for the rest of us, is there?

With that, I think I can get off my soapbox. Yeah, I might sound elitist because of all that, but I really don't care. Each of us follow these rules, and it'd be a good idea if you did too. Remember, If you explore, know the consequences, follow the rules, and most of all, just use your head. If you can do that stuff, you'll have a blast Urban Exploring.

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