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Doling Park Cave
Out of all the places we've been to, this was by far one of the most disappointing. My expectations were probably way too high to start with though, since I expected to find some huge cave wide open to explorers. However, I should've known better. There's a giant rusty gate blocking the entrance, so it's pretty much impossible to get into. I really wanted to check this cave out since I kept hearing rumors that it goes all the way to downtown Springfield (although according to a cave map at MSU, it really isn't that long). Maybe we could try going in on a tour someday?

After poking around the entrance and feeling pretty defeated, we ended up just wandering around the park looking for anything interesting. You can see our desperation from what I was taking pictures of. Sewer Shinobi did have fun chasing the ducks and geese around though.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: Slick spots, man-eating ducks
Status: Gated, no trespassing sign posted
Notable Features: A cave.... with a big gate in it
History: Was once called Giboney Cave in honor of James Giboney, the first owner of the Doling Park property.

Additional Sources:
Underground Ozarks

The gated entrance to the cave

A friendly sign

Looking farther back

A better view inside; note the small wall on the left

The massive rock face above the cave entrance

Looking at one of the holes beside the cave entrance. None led into the cave...

Demonic water fowl near the lake. They were obviously plotting to kill us

The fowl spreading out, ready to strike from both sides

A finely made wall around the junkyard near the park edge

Shinobi playing king of the mountain

Rubble near the large hill

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