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Dueling Drains
As the name implies, these corrugated pipes are nearly clones of each other. They're also 6' feet tall, which is pretty uncommon for drains around here. After a pretty good distance, they both eventually lead to the highway, and really nothing else. Even though there's not a whole lot to these, I still enjoyed checking these out. I think I've taken just about everyone I know to these at one point or another as well. Perhaps one day we'll have a drain race in these, ha ha.

On a final note, do watch out for the large white man with a banjo when attempting to visit here.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi, Sketch
Hazards: Slippery spots from water, bumps in the pipe
Status: A fence around the back entrances
Notable Features: Two nearly identical 6' tall corrugated pipes
History: No info at the moment

The entrances to the pipes are actually down in a little cemented area basically invisible from the road

Looking outside in the left pipe

A typical section of either pipe. There's usually just a trickle of water running down the middle

Approaching the first bend in the pipe

The first bend

Getting closer to the end. There's weird bumps in parts of the pipe, great for whacking one's head on

Big 'ol spiders

Finally at the end

Looking out towards the James River Freeway. One can easily roll under the fence

Looking back near the highway

A closer look at the back entrances

Mr Yens! I was hoping the pipes led under it since cashew chicken sounded pretty good at the time

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