Ruins (3)
- Springlawn Farm
- Winoka Lodge
- Young's Farm
Drains (3)
- Dueling
- Heartbeat
- Jordan Creek
Abandoned (2)
- Hydra Slide
- Spring Valley Farm
Caves (3)
- Doling Park
- Moss
- Sequiota Park
Other (2)
- Craig Sinkhole
- Galloway

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Frequently Asked Questions
Urban Exploring?

That's right. People usually define it as going in the less traveled parts of cities, including abandoned buildings, utility tunnels, and the rooftops or basements of buildings in use. From what I can tell, going in storm drains and such is considered "Tunneling," although the line between that and urban exploring is often blurred. I guess you could say we do both.

Who's in the Urban Ninja Force?

Well first, there's me, Spectral, the leader and webmaster of the UNF website. Then there's Sewer Shinobi, the one who I do most of the exploring with (He also finds cool stuff I miss sometimes). Our third member, Sketch, is no longer with us as he moved away from the area. We're also trying to get one of our friends into the hobby, though I'm not sure how successful we'll, haha. As of now, I guess you could say we're a massive force... of two people.

Why do you guys do this stuff?

Unbeknownst to most people who know me, I've always had a somewhat adventurous spirit. It's been beaten down over the years, but after finding out about some of the neat places in Springfield, I just had to check them out. There's a certain satisfaction in saying you've been to the places that urban legends speak of. Although I'm far from a professional photographer, I also do enjoy taking pictures. Plus, there's not a whole hell of a lot to do around here, so it's an interesting way to spend one's time as well. I basically got Shinobi into this stuff, and then we persuaded others to join us occasionally.

What was your first mission?

Springlawn (AKA Albino) Farm was pretty much our starting point. I've been hearing legends about it since I was young, and we thought it would be appropriate as our first mission. One of my favorite places too.

Why Urban Ninja Force?

Well, for one thing, ninjas are cool; much cooler than pirates (Urban Pirate Force? Pssh). Plus, "Guys that Explore Crap in Springfield, MO" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Other than the name though, we have absolutely nothing to do with ninjas. No, we don't dress up in ninja suits, climbing fences in tabi boots and jumping across rooftops, as that would be pretty damn ridiculous. Basically, I just wanted to have a little fun with the site and make it stand out from other UE websites. I mean really, what fun is Urban Exploring if you can't be a little goofy?

Why did you guys stop updating for so long?

Well... to make a long story short, we had a bad experience over a year ago and pretty much stopped doing anything related to Urban Exploring. I was also running out of things to look for in Springfield, and we're fairly limited as to how far we can travel. I then basically lost interest in Urban Exploring altogether and began focusing on other things. I started redesigning the website on and off, but never really got around to finishing anything. As of late however, our interest has been somewhat rekindled, so hopefully we'll try to make a few updates here and there ;). (I also changed my name since Raven was extremely ambiguous and not cool anymore, haha)

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