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Galloway, MO
If you go all the way south on Lone Pine here in Springfield, you'll run into a strange little area that was once actually an independent town. Galloway was once a popular stop on the old highway to Branson, and was home to at least a dozen gift shops. However, after the highway was relocated, people began to forget about the tiny village. Today, most of the shops have been turned into artist galleries, while others still remain unused.

I actually wanted to check the area out after seeing a neat-looking abandoned building, and to also see if I could get near the giant quarry near Glenstone. I really didn't do either, as the building was completely surrounded by a fence and barbed wire. and sneaking into an active quarry would be pretty stupid. Instead, I wandered around Galloway Creek, found some really bizarre stuff, and eventually got lost in the surrounding woods. I hauled my ass outta there after I heard something howl, heh. I plan to go back someday to see if any other buildings in the area are abandoned.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral
Hazards: Thorns, barbed wire, loose rocks, bugs
Status: Located on private property
Notable Features: Really strange structures
History: Named after Charles Galloway, Galloway was once a separate town that was annexed by Springfield in 1966.

Additional Sources:

A bridge over Galloway Creek. The water was actually pretty turbulent here

An isolated stone building, not locked-tight

A fuse box and some other electrical stuff. What was this building for?

Funky graffiti on the other doors

A pipe to the top of the building

An abandoned looking building, locked-tight

Yet another isolated and locked building

A bizarre ramp structure

Yet another weird structure

On the other side. What exactly is this?

Old-school fridge-action in the nearby woods

The door actually wasn't too far from it

Some rusted piece of machinery

The remains of something...

Completely lost out in the woods

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