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Heartbeat Tunnel
Although there aren't too many urban legends associated with storm drains in Springfield, I've read many articles about a "Heartbeat Tunnel". Although there are actually two drains in the area, people have told me that the drain headed east is the actual Heartbeat Tunnel, although I'm willing to bet it connects with the south one. These two drains are actually in the flow of Fassnight Creek, which splits off of Jordan Creek west of Springfield.

I'm assuming the urban legend manifested from people hearing the "thump-thump" of the cars driving over the above street's manholes. I never really paid that much attention to it when I went in before, so I was a little disappointed to find out this is the famed tunnel. Nonetheless, the drain is actually pretty interesting, as it increases in height at one point, and even has a weird brick wall in it. According to a Springfield watershed map, there should be a sinkhole very close to where this wall is, so there's a chance that there's a cave or something behind there. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part though. The drain stays large for a hundred feet or so, and then dead ends with a branching path to the right that shrinks back down to 4' or so. There's a ton of debris and rubble in this section, and it eventually gets even smaller. After nearly crawling, the tunnel opens up into another 4' tunnel, in which can choose to go either left or right. The left way leads out to Fremont, and we have yet to see how far the right way goes.

The drain that doesn't follow Fassnight Creek heads south, and is for the most part cramped and pretty boring. it eventually breaks into two separate tunnels, though we didn't go any farther than that. I might just see it to the end one day though.

I thought I might also mention that out of all the places we've visited, this is probably one of the eeriest. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I get an odd feeling when I get about halfway into the drain. In fact, there was one instance where several of us heard the sound of a can rolling, but didn't see one in sight. It could have easily been on the street above, although it sounded like it was right next to us. I also took several friends in on one occasion, and they all claimed they heard voices. Although I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to ghosts and such, this drain definitely gives off a weird vibe.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: Rubble, Slick surfaces, little head room
Status: No trespassing signs are posted on several bridges over the drain channel
Notable Features: A bricked-off section and a creepy upright walking passage
History: No info at the moment.

The entrance to the Heartbeat Tunnel

Looking back out into the channel. The channel is usually even dryer than this

Funky graffiti on the right side. There's less and less the farther one goes back, so I'm assuming taggers are afraid of the dark

A typical view of the drain. The crouch-walking gets tiresome after a bit

More strange graffiti. I wonder how old most of these are?

Nearing the heightened section of the drain with several branching pipes

Closer inspection of the two drain branches

Looking in the larger branch. This would be great to check out on a tricycle or something

A nasty looking rain gutter

The mysterious brick wall. What's on the other side...?

Looking back from the tallest section

Walking the tall section of the drain. The peeling paint only adds to the eeriness

The end of the taller section. The drain mostly continues to the right

Looking right, with some sort of debris catcher

Pushing on, with lots of rocks, and even a bucket

Rubble Rubble

Little paw prints in the mud. Could be raccoons, or mutant drain children

A grate to the outside world. I wonder where this is exactly?

A bend before the drain gets very tight

The entrance to the other drain that might possibly link up to the Heartbeat Tunnel

Boring and wet, this drain would definitely be better with skateboards

Looking back out

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