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Hydra Slide
If you've ever visited the giant library out on south Campbell, chances are you've seen this big, four lane, blue behemoth. I remember going there pretty often, and it was a blast. If I recall, it was around four or five dollars to stay for an hour, and they handed out big rectangular mats to make sliding down each lane a breeze. All four lanes were basically the same length, though the lane farthest to the right (or left as seen from the top) was probably the coolest one. I remember there being a myth that if one went fast enough in that lane, they could actually slide up the wall and fall out onto the field!

Unfortunately, the slide closed in the mid 90's (Maybe 97 or 98), most likely due to insane insurance costs. It's been vacant ever since, though not unused. At the bottom of the pool where the four lanes end, there's a few mattresses piled up where there was once water. Apparently, this is great spot to slide down during the winter once there's a little ice on the lanes. (Sounds fun, but those mattresses are pretty nasty looking.)

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: Slick surfaces
Status: Located on private property
Notable Features: Four parallel lanes, a small building
History: I'm not sure when it was built, but the Hydra Slide was closed by the late 90's.

A well-thing next to the main building. It actually looks pretty deep...

The north side of the building. I bet there's all sorts of cool pumps and stuff just beyond that door

Looking south at the front porch area

The porch of the main building, with a tree growing out of it!

The main billboard with various prices listed

A wider shot of the main building

The end of the four lanes, with mattress action. The pool was once filled with 3' of water

More mattress action. I'd sure love to slide into all that crap

A closer look at some of the trash

Ascending the slope up to the top. After about 8 times going down the slide, this thing was hell to walk back up.

The second lane with a little bridge over it

A mattress that didn't quite make it to the bottom

Another bridge near the top

Finally at the top. Which lane would you choose?

Looking out to the distance, with the Library Center straight ahead

Looking more to the north

Running down the second lane

Hopping over to the fourth lane

The guardian of the Hydra Slide, Bucket-On-A-Pole

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