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Jordan Creek/Water Street Tunnel
This is by far the largest and longest storm water drain in Springfield. This massive drain is basically a box over Jordan Creek, which begins west of town after splitting off from Wilson Creek. There are actually several more places where Jordan Creek is boxed, but none are extensive as this section, which is nearly 2/3 of a mile long. The tunnel is mostly pretty straight, and basically follows the path of Water Street (I'm pretty certain it got that name due to the flooding from Jordan Creek before it was boxed).

Coming in from the west entrance, the drain is actually comprised of two separate tunnels, which eventually open into a very large tunnel. After a while, the tunnel converges into two tunnels once again, and the water in both of these gets very deep. We probably made it through half of the tunnel on our first visit, but without waders, we really didn't feel like getting wet.

Of all the places I've been to, this is easily one, if not my favorite place. Expect to see more picturs soon!

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: High flooding after rainfall, slick spots in the winter, debris
Status: On public(?) property. No signs posted
Notable Features: The remains of a bridge underneath Campbell Street, large rooms, bats
History: This drain is more or less a "lid" over Jordan Creek to keep it from flooding downtown Springfield. The first section of it was completed in 1927, but due to continuous flooding, the channel was covered further and eventually completed in 1935.

Additional Sources:
Underground Ozarks

The entrances to the two tunnels (not sure what those poles were for exactly). This image was the UNF's banner for a very long time

Looking out from the left tunnels I believe.That's the last light you'll see for a while

The merging of both tunnels. These little doorways are a common site in Springfield drains

A rusty and rickety ladder leading up to a manhole

A shot of the larger room where the tunnels split off again. The stone work in here is actually a bridge that was under Campbell Street!

A temporary hole knocked into the wall of the left tunnel. I'm assuming they were doing tunnel repairs of some sort?

Getting closer to a very large opening with a tree for added scenery

Our hosting has to be paid somehow, hehe

The largest room in the tunnel. The room is over twenty feet in height, and those ledges combined with the support columns are almost as tall as a person

A smaller room under an old railroad bridge. The infamous "Hell's Church" can be accessed from here

The tunnel splits once again, and both sides get reasonably deep. This is as far as we got.... this time

Made me smile

A water marker we spotted on the way out

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