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Moss/Kensel Cave
One of the more interesting caves in the area, Moss (Or Kensel) Cave is entered through a gaping pit in a subdivision on the southeast edge of Springfield. Conveniently enough however, there are actually a set of stone steps that lead down into the main chamber. There is a fast flowing stream at the bottom of the cave, causing the temperature to rapidly drop as one descends the steps. In fact, the first owner of the property actually used the cave as a natural refrigerator to store goods!

Unfortunately, we have yet to enter the cave, although we plan on asking for permission to enter the cave soon.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved:  
Status: Located on private property; No trespassing signs are posted
Notable Features:  
History: >Was once used as cold storage by the first owners of the property. No other information at the moment.

The fence circling the cave entrance

The entrance to the cave appears after nearing the fence

Looking down the steep entrance

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