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Sequiota Park Caves
Even though I've read that Greene County has the highest concentration of caves in the state, it's actually relatively hard to find them around here. Many caves are more or less just holes in the ground, and the majority are located well within privately owned property. Basically, Sequiota Park is the only place in Springfield with public, non-commercial caves located on its premises.

There are three caves at the park in all, with two being relatively small and the other being quite extensive. The first small cave, Crawlway-all-the-way Cave, is only around five feet tall at the entrance, and eventually shrinks down to where one would need to crawl on their belly to continue (Can't say I tried doing that). The other cave, Walkway-all-the-way Cave (no, I'm not making these names up) is actually fairly tall, but ends just after a short distance from the entrance. However, the large cave, also know as Fisher's Cave, is a different story. According to a cave map at MSU, this cavern extends for a good distance, although the spring water flowing through it is quite deep in spots. Unfortunately, I was only able to barely step into it without getting wet. All in all though, these caves are definitely something cool to check out.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral
Hazards: Slick spots, sticky mud, deep water, low ceilings
Status: Located on park property; gates are closed at night
Notable Features: Two smaller caves, one long water-filled cave
History: Boat rides were once given through Fisher's Cave. The 2nd largest cave, Walkway-all-the-way Cave, was once used as a store by the area's former owner, Charles Galloway.

Additional Sources:
MSU Geology Field Trip

Getting close to the cave entrances. The landscape here changes dramatically from that near the front of the park

The big rock in front of the caves with someone on it almost 95% of the time

The entrance to Walkway-all-the-way Cave

Looking inside from the entrance

A typical shot inside with the cave-in in view

The end of the line. Shouldn't this be Walkway-1/4-of-the-way Cave instead?

Admiring the cave ceiling

A strange little formation; It's almost like a natural bench!

The entrance to Crawlway-all-the-way cave

Crouch-walking in the small cave

The cave shrinks down to crawling height, which meant the end of the road for me

On the way out

A view of both caves

An outside view of Fisher's Cave. The water flowing out is basically crystal-clear

The inside of Fisher's Cave, with lots of neat formations. Past here though, there isn't anywhere to walk without getting wet

Looking at the outside world

What I had to step through to get in the cave. This stuff was sticky as hell

Looking down from the cliff atop Fisher's Cave

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