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Spring Valley Farm
One day I was roaming around on the eastern side of Springfield, and noticed an odd little path leading off the road. It was pretty narrow and elevated, and it looked pretty easy to roll the car down the hill on either side. However, I figured it might lead somewhere interesting, so I carefully road on it until the end. After crossing an odd segmented pipe bridge, it eventually lead to small estate that was somewhat visible from the road. I wasn't certain if someone was still living there at first, although a missing front door and noticeable damage to the house lead me to believe otherwise.

The estate was comprised of a two-story house, a smaller house and large shed to the north, and an out-building. Upon nearing the front entrance I quickly realized there had been a fire, and a small notice was nailed on a support beam stating "Keep Out: Uninhabitable". The fire damage was significantly greater near the front of the house, although I could see evidence of the intense heat all throughout it. The house was also practically empty, except for signs of squatters.

The other buildings in the estate still seemed to be in use, especially since the smaller building had the air-conditioner running. However, the out building was especially interesting as it seemed to have a stream seeping out from inside it.

Upon making a return visit, the main house was completely demolished, and the smaller house seemed to be in use. While it was standing, however, It was very eerie walking through a fire-damaged house, and I sincerely hope that everyone was able to make it out safely.

Recommended by: Spectral
Ninjas Involved: Spectral
Hazards: Weak floors, nails, the structural integrity of the house itself
Status: Located on private property
Notable Features: A now torn down house, an outbuilding built into a spring
History: It seems that the estate was called the "Spring Valley Dairy Farm" at one point, though I nothing else of its history.

Looking to the southeast of the home

A view of the pasture to the east of the house. I'm assuming this land belonged to owners as well

Melted siding above the doorway

Looking up at the house with a broken out window

The front door remains stuck open

A room across from the front door

A bookshelf still filled with books. Many were actually from Springfield libraries

Melted blinds in the same room

Looking into the damaged kitchen. Opening the refrigerator released a terrible odor

Looking across the house of the sun peers in

The ransacked bathroom

Readying to upstairs; probably not the brightest thing I've done

Peering upstairs as each stepped creaked loudly

Various books, papers, and magazines were strewn across the second floor

A close-up of the floorboards. Needless to say, I didn't risk moving from the steps

Most likely the front room, where the fire damage was the worst

Oddly enough, the copy of the Mona Lisa seemed to survive the flames. Creepy

Looking north at the front of the house

Looking northwest

A fairly new satellite

Though the open door tempted me, I was leery of going underneath a possibly very weak house

A closer look at the nearby silo.

The smaller house

Inside the smaller house, which was unlocked and air-conditioned

A running fridge which still had a jar of pickles in it

Walking towards the out building

A channel for the flowing stream water

"Spring Valley Dairy Farm" with a horseshoe for good luck...

Inside the small out-building

The source of the flowing water

Various tools left behind?

A creek just before the property. The small spring from the out-building actually emptied into this

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