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Young's Farm (WTFarm)
I've probably been by this thing a thousand times, though I had never thought much about it before. Strangely enough, most everything along south Campbell Street has been developed, yet this weird little forested plot of land has been left untouched. However, even stranger, there's still standing structures within it! Prior to finding out this was once called Young's Farm, Sewer Shinobi aptly dubbed it, "WTFarm."

There really isn't a whole lot to see other than the remains of a strange house, a weird silo/turret thing, and tons of trash. I could've sworn the city dump was on the north side of Springfield...

I also found out from a web site that this location is considered a piracy, in that it steals from available water sources and reroutes them elsewhere. That probably explains why there's always a creek flowing through the area.

Recommended by: Sewer Shinobi
Ninjas Involved: Spectral, Sewer Shinobi
Hazards: Thorns, steep hills
Status: Located on private property; no trespassing signs posted
Notable Features: House walls and foundation, silo/turret, strange creek, tons of trash
History: Originally called Young's Farm; no other info at the moment.

A view of the area. Why wasn't this spot cleared away years ago?

A south view of the structure

Getting closer to the tank

A close-up of the tank

A strange square hole

Looking in from the top of the structure

A view from the bottom

Rubble rubble!

Looking north

A better look at the stream flowing from the structure

The concrete wall with the stream running along the right side

Following the path of the stream

The wall eventually ends in a squarish... thing

Approaching the farm's turret

A close-up of the turret

Tons of trash in front of the turret

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